Hi there. My name is Pam Dewey.

I have a number of blogs and websites, and most of ’em tend at times to be a bit glum, as the topics are pretty serious. But everyone needs to lighten up once in a while! I created this BrightStarr blog specifically to give myself a regular opportunity to do just that.

No serious soul-searching, no examination of the darker side of history or politics or social trends or anything of the kind here. Just “more than a few of my favorite things” that make me smile thinking about them. Because I’m suspicious that lots of folks share an interest in many of my favorite things too, and I just might make others smile along the way–as they revisit some of their own favorites and meet some new ones.

And the BrightSTARR part? That’s because my full name is Pamela STARR Dewey! (Yes, that’s “Starr” with two RRs). But you’re welcome to call me Pam.

After you read some of the bright stuff here on BrightStarr, I hope you will check out the links to some of my more serious blogs, at the top right hand side of the page.


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