Naturally Brown

We don’t often think of brown as a real “color”…at least not one of the first ones that pops to mind when someone says “What’s your favorite color?” That honor usually goes to some version of the Primary Colors…red, yellow, blue…or maybe a combination of two of those, purple or green or orange.

But actually, brown IS a combination too. Shades of brown are just varying mixtures of red, yellow–and black. And there really is quite a variety of tones in the brown palette. I used to be fascinated, when getting a BIG box of Crayola Crayons, to look through and see all the brown choices. I always thought “Burnt Sienna” was a cool name for a color.

I have dedicated one of my Pinterest boards to all the brown-colored things one can find out in nature. It might be landscape, plants, animals, birds, fish, whatever. I was amazed at what a variety of items I have been able to include. Below are just a sample of the entries on my “Naturally Brown” board. See the link at the end to go see more.

alpacasowltreeshorse1horse2puppyducksiamesetibetan mastiffshellsgiraffe



See more at Pam’s Naturally Brown Pinterest Board.

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One Response to Naturally Brown

  1. Rick says:

    Hey! What about the Cleveland Browns??

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