World’s Biggest Bulletin Board

Most folks on the Web these days are familiar with a website called Pinterest. For those BrightStarr blog readers who may not know about it though… It is kind of like a giant communal Bulletin Board. Anyone can “pin” photos of “interest” (pinterest–get it?) on it. Then the whole world can come look at those interesting pins. If you type in

you will get to a screen that looks something like this.


All day long, people all over the world are adding photos to the site. The content literally changes minute by minute, so each time you open that same page, you will see different pictures!

But Pinterest isn’t just a giant Flea Market of photos with no rhyme or reason. Each regular pinner can actually carve out sections of the gimongous communal board to be their own “boards” on Pinterest. Each person who does this has his/her own “home page” that will show links to all of their boards.  And each of these individual boards has its own web address. Here’s part of my homepage on Pinterest.


And here is the beginning of the page of one of my boards, one that I call “Rainbow Connection: It’s a Colorful World.”

rainbowYou can make as many boards as you want. Each one has a title, a description (to help people search for the kind of topics they are interested in), and a growing collection of photos that the board owner puts up. It basically looks like a photo album. The album has fairly small “samples” of the actual photos. If a visitor clicks on the photo, it will pop up in a big version on the screen. Here’s a “pop up” picture from my board I call “Way Out of the Ordinary.”


Although you can “upload” pictures from your own computer, of photos you have taken of friends, family, and so on, most people post photos that they have collected from websites all over the world. When you join (free) the Pinterest system, you download a little software program that puts a “Pin It” button on your own browser’s toolbar. If you are on a webpage and press that button, a new screen will pop up showing you “thumbnail size” examples of all the photos on that web page. If you put your cursor over one of them, a “PIN IT” button will pop up on it.


If you press one of those buttons, you can automatically “pin” that photo on one of your Pinterest boards. There is a place to type in your own description or comments about the photo.

In upcoming entries on BrightStarr I will be sharing some of the contents from each of my Pinterest Board collections, which run the gamut from a collection of photos of humorous animals to a collection of World War 1 and 2 propaganda posters, and from a collection of photos of cute babies and children to a collection of photos of the attractions at the 1936 Texas Centennial/World’s Fair.

For starters, here are just a few of my favorites from my Rainbow Connection: It’s a Colorful World board, starting with the source of the board’s title–this is the “Rainbow Connection” song  finale to the 1979 Muppet Movie.

rainbow7muppetrainbow1rainbow2rainbow3rainbow4rainbow5senegal(Yes, that is really pink water, caused by algae, in a lake in Senegal.)


You can see lots more of Our Colorful World on my Pinterest Board at

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