Those Were the Days…Part 9

Back to the past once again for some unexpected Famous Faces of all ages. Be sure to scroll slowly and see if you can identify the faces before you get to their name! Some are very obvious… some, not so.

andy griffithAndy Griffith

annette 9Annette Funicello at age 9

barbara walters 1947Barbara Walters, 1947

buddy hollyBuddy Holly

buddy2Buddy again, even younger

burt reynolds 1954 college picBurt Reynolds, 1954 college annual picture

carol burnettCarol Burnett

colin firthColin Firth, 1983

colinSource for the Colin picture: His first big break on the stage, 1983

david bowieDavid Bowie…his face, anyway!

dean and bill martinDean Martin and older brother, Bill

doris dayDoris Day

eric idleEric Idle

jay lenoJay Leno

johnny carson 1940Johnny Carson, 1940

judy garlandJudy Garland

shatner 1952William Shatner, 1952

simon and garfunkelSimon and Garfunkel

willard scott 1963 original rmThe very first Ronald McDonald, 1963: This is Willard Scott at age 29, later a famous TV weatherman on NBC’s Today show

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