Those Were the Days…Part 4

This BrightStarr series on Those Were the Days… continues with a fun collection of famous people as they were when they were past childhood, but looking much younger than we usually remember them. Scroll slowly and see if you can guess who’s who before you get to the name.

willie nelsonWillie Nelson

walt and mickeyWalt and Mickey

sammy davis jrSammy Davis, Jr.

phyllis dillerPhyllis Diller in her stand-up comedy days

paul newmanPaul Newman

Mr. (Fred) Rogers and his dog MitziFred (Mr) Rogers and his dog, Mitzi

marx broHarpo, Gummo, Chico, and Groucho Marx

lucy 1935Lucy (Lucille) Ball

irene ryanYes, this is Granny, when she sure didn’t look like a granny!

ingrid 14Ingrid Bergman

gandhi 19Gandhi, at 19

desi arnazDesi Arnaz

denzel washingtonDenzel Washington

carl reinerCarl Reiner

bingBing Crosby

Stay tuned for the final entry in this series, celebs young and old, past and present… with a surprise twist!

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