Those Were the Days…Part 2

The previous entry in this Those Were the Days series featured Baby Faces of famous people of the past and present.

This current entry features more famous faces, in their childhood and young teen years. Scroll slowly and see if you can place a name with each face before you get to the caption.


Fred Astaire


Milton Berle


Marlon Brando

cash 10

Johnny Cash at age 10


George Clooney


Gary Cooper

dean about 7

James Dean, about age 7

einstein 1882 4

Albert Einstein in 1882, about age 4

elton john

Elton John


Peter Falk

fdr 3

Franklin D Roosevelt, age 3

ford 1918 5

Gerald Ford in  1918, age 5


Clark Gable

grant archibald leach

Archibald Leach (Cary Grant)


Harrison Ford


Bob Hope


Alfred E Newman from Mad Magazine…no, wait…Ron Howard as Opie Taylor

No…wait…it’s actually John F Kennedy

THIS below is Ron Howard on the Andy Griffith Show as Opie…

ron howard

Moving right along…

julie andrews 13

Julie Andrews

liberace 3



Liza Minelli (Judy Garland’s daughter)

And here’s her momma, at about the same age…

judy garlandJudy Garland

Stay tuned for the next entry in this series, which will feature even more of the same!

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1 Response to Those Were the Days…Part 2

  1. ABR says:

    Yeah…you can see Judy in Liza, but there’s no doubt Vincente Minnelli was her father ! I see
    him in her face too !

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