Those were the days …

I don’t know about you, but when I was very young, it never occurred to me that parents and grandparents EVER looked any different from the way they looked “now.” I couldn’t conceive that my parents had ever been children themselves, much less babies! I couldn’t imagine my grandparents without grey hair and wrinkles–much less envision them as a youthful bride and groom.

This illusion of timelessness for my elders was no doubt shattered the first time I saw a family picture album. I wish I could go back and “feel” the wonderment I likely had when I first time-traveled with the help of Kodak and saw the complete strangers …that my parents and grandparents claimed were THEM!

I still get what is probably a similar jarring feeling when I first see a “youthful” picture of a friend my own age. When you first meet adults, without “thinking it through” I’m suspicious it may be typical to kind of freeze them in the present too. It never even occurs to you to ponder what they may have looked like as a baby. And I really can remember the wonderment I’ve felt the first time I’ve seen a wedding photo of various friends on their mantle or wall. I almost feel silly, but inside I think, “Why, look what a fresh-faced and cute couple they were so long ago!” As if only my husband George and I were once-upon-a-time fresh-faced and cute. (And not quite so much any more.)




I’ve said all that to say this…everybody who ever lived to senior citizen age, from Churchill to Hitler, from Elton John to Liberace, from George Clooney to Steve Martin, from Marilyn Monroe to Queen Elizabeth, was a baby once upon a time. And was a fresh-faced young person once upon a time. And I can prove it…because here are some choice Kodaks from my Pinterest board that I call “Way Out of the Ordinary”!

Enjoy the pics of memorable Baby Faces in this blog entry. Coming entries will showcase some Fresh-Faced Famous Faces in their older childhood, teen years, and young adulthood.

george harrisonGeorge Harrison

brookeBrooke Shields

ingridIngrid Bergman

jackieJackie Kennedy

lucasGeorge Lucas

orson wellesOrson Welles

redfordRobert Redford

vivianVivian Leigh (Scarlett O’Hara)

walt and sisWalt Disney and his sister

And yes, as I said, everyone was a baby once.

hitlerIncluding Adolf Hitler.

Stay tuned for the second installment of Those Were The Days, with some older childhood pics of famous faces.

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2 Responses to Those were the days …

  1. Rick Stanczak says:

    Last night I watched a documentary on Hitler’s rocket technology which cost $500Billion and was a total failure. Had Hitler spent his money on conventional technology he would have easily won.

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